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Popular in Japan, this relaxing herbal shampoo and scalp massage treatment takes place under a waterfall of warm water. Lean back and let the water gently cascade over you as you receive an indulgent scalp, neck and shoulder massage from one of our trained therapists.

Luxury Head Spa

We use only top-shelf products like Kerastase, Maria Nila, Moroccanoil and Actiiv.

$85 Duration 45 mins
This unforgettable experience includes:

An extravagant pre-wash with a detoxifying shampoo
A relaxing experience using customized shampoo, conditioning, and mask picked out for your unique hair needs
Exfoliation treatment to unclog your hair follicles and enhance scalp circulation
A relaxing scalp, neck, shoulder, and arm massage that increases blood flow and relaxes you into a state of bliss
Gentle waterfall head massage that stimulates pressure points and triggers an alpha brain wave state, the same state you enter when you're in meditation
A purifying hair mask and steam
Finish with hair care and rough hair dry
  • Treat yourself to the epitome of luxury with our Head Spa. Book your appointment today and discover a whole new level of relaxation and revitalization!
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